Our strength is two fold: We combine broad technical and managerial expertise with an awareness that the process is as important as the product to achieving value from IT.

CTC can be trusted to help you navigate through the complexities of:

  • Project Direction
  • Vendor/Software Assessment
  • Change Management
  • System Design and Implementation
  • Business Recovery Planning
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Expert Witness for Litigation

In addition to arriving at an IT solution that produces the best economic results, CTC partners with those who will be affected by proposed IT changes. We help you reduce the enormous potential for fear and misunderstanding among team members. This lowers the risk of expensive failed IT initiatives.

CTC is skilled at translating the technical language and assumptions of applied information technology into language that is specific to the audience involved. We help you avoid the resentment and resistance that often builds when customers and employees have new procedures thrust upon them.

Change Management

People, processes, organizational structure and technology are all linked dynamically. When you change one, the others react in response. When management doesn't consider the "splat" of change to staff and customers that ripple out from technology changes, even "successful" projects can fail by not reaching their promised effectiveness and value.

Our change management system: No Change Is An Island®, helps ensure that your next undertaking will achieve your goals by uniting your people in achieving them. This approach is the value added element that makes certain that your project management plan will result in the improvements you expect. While you chart the course for the specific changes involved, our system prepares your people to support the effort.

To read more about No Change Is An Island® click here for a brief description, or download our brochure in Adobe Reader format: No Change Is An Island Summary

Project Direction

Many technology implementation projects fail to accomplish their goal. Successful project completion is a two-pronged effort: managing the project and leading the people. Projects are all about scheduling, cost and product, but people are all about cooperation, concerns and communication. Ignoring either invites disaster. Successful project management provides the bridge that connects the project to the people. Christopher Technology's approach to directing technology implementation projects is unique in that it provides both technology expertise and a strong integrated program of change management. We help you Avoid Successful Project Failure by leading your project team to full success in implementation.

Vendor / Software Assessment

Large software implementation and upgrade projects are the nightmare of many corporate boardrooms. Choosing among the many available vendors is difficult because industry sales teams are experts at promising whatever it takes to get the contract while leaving the details of implementation up to others. Decisions regarding off the shelf vs. custom systems, internal misunderstanding about the need for a business process overhaul and entrenched resistance to change all create friction among the CEO, CFO, CIO, vendors, consultants and users. Costs escalate as scope creep takes over and the capabilities of the new system are modified to accommodate current rather than optimal procedures. It doesn't have to be this way. We can help you Overcome the $10 Million Dollar Black Hole: Avoiding the Failure of Software Implementation Projects

Business Recovery Planning

Planning to recover your business after a disaster is often a secondary concern — until, of course, the disaster actually arrives. However, in these days of the unexpected happening more frequently, every business owner needs a plan to survive when disaster strikes. Christopher Technology Consulting has implemented business recovery sites for medium and large enterprises. Our method has a proven record of success, operating successfully on 9/11/2001. We can help you construct your own process for Practical Business Recovery / Disaster Planning

Contract Negotiation

Many businesses have less experience negotiating major information technology contracts than the vendor contract team. We offer experienced outside help so you can obtain the best deal. Our strategy in contract negotiations with major, strategic information technology vendors is to arrange a long term mutually valuable relationship rather than an adversarial, one-time deal. When both parties receive continuing benefits from the agreement, the long term value increases tremendously.

Expert Witness

In legal proceedings, information technology can be a deep mystery to the parties who evaluate the facts. Your success lies not only in understanding the technology issues and how they relate to your legal strategy but also to how well you can communicate the substance of these issues to people who are relative novices about IT. With our experience in implementing, teaching and presenting information technology, we deliver uderstanding of complex issues in a form that novice listeners comprehend. We present an understandable presentation from an accredited expert that complements your legal strategy.

Communications Training

To be successful with information technology, you must manage the constant change that a dynamic IT function requires. To be successful in managing change, you need to have excellent interpersonal communications. Unlock the Box Seminars is the communications training division of Christopher Technology Consulting. Our coaching services and seminars help you to:

  • Confront the inevitability of change and make it work for you
  • Gain knowledge and skills that can improve the way you communicate with others
  • Learn to give a sparkling presentation that will keep your audience awake and interested in your message


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