Our Mission Statement  


We are catalysts for change.

We partner with our clients to discover the optimal use of information technology and staff to improve business practices.

Core Values

For Our Products:

  • We are an honest, reliable team which uses analysis, planning and organization to effect change.
  • We are innovative, yet prudent, risk takers who can be counted upon to take action.
  • We can be counted on to say what we mean, mean what we say and deliver what we have promised.
  • We assess each decision in the context of long term consequences as well as short term effects.
  • We work hard to achieve carefully thought out goals, recognizing that the journey is not always direct.

For Our Relationships:

  • We see those we work with, internally and externally, as partners with whom we are willing to “go the extra mile” to swiftly achieve mutual goals.
  • We value people and their lives both within and outside work.
  • We recognize that people, while doing their best, need freedom to learn from experience.
  • Diversity of opinions and work styles can be a strength, not a weakness.


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