No Change Is An Island®  

New technology. New management. New staff. Each change promises better data, faster service and more profits. Isnít this the outcome that you want when you allocate five, six or even seven figures to a project?

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No Change Is An Island®

change management system helps ensure that your next undertaking will achieve your goals.

This innovative approach is the value added element that your projects need to bring about effective, profitable change – from the very beginning.

While you chart the course for the specific changes involved, the No Change Is An Island® system prepares your people to support and enhance the change effort, not resist it. Their active participation leads to a successful experience for all.

The Project Management world is littered with the remnants of failed initiatives. The reasons are many, but the research indicates that “Lack of User Input” is the number one cause. University of Maryland researchers conclude that most projects do not fail because of technical reasons, but because of the human element.

Change is many things to your staff and customers: a stressful disruption; a threat to self esteem; a loss as well as a gain; a zig–zag journey. People donít welcome change – they resist it.“Successful” projects may fail when the users undermine the new systems. They keep the old familiar processes hidden underneath the new — and management wonders where the savings went!

No Change Is An Island® guides your people to prepare for the coming change. They grow the mindset and processes that lead to early acceptance of a new strategy. Your reward is more efficient use of the new systems. Improved profitability is on the fast track!

No Change Is An Island® is a multi-stage process through which your staff transforms themselves from a group of knowledgeable users to self-managing teams that implement and promote the coming changes. Through interactive experiences, the teams learn new skills by exercising them during the project. No Change Is An Island® addresses the strategic and tactical phases of completing the important, often forgotten, areas of successful project implementations: people and business processes. All successful system change requires that your people and your business processes change first. When your people unite to support your vision, the result is a more robust bottom line!

Put No Change Is An Island® to work for you.

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