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Change is constant in any business environment. New technology, new competition and new customer demands make standing still very risky and very expensive. The change process, however, is full of questions and potential pitfalls:

  • Can this new software, process, company or technology really do the job?
  • How do we keep technology costs under control?
  • What are the real returns on our IT investments?
  • What is the right move considering our future plans, not just our current needs?
  • How do we implement change most efficiently and economically?
  • How can we minimize the strain and anxiety of innovation for our employees and customers?
  • What happens if we make the wrong technology decision?

Christopher Technology Consulting specializes in assessing the value of a proposed technology initiative and facilitating change. We excel by showing you how to apply technology so it delivers the most value. Count on us to be your trusted partner from beginning to end because we succeed only when you reach your goals.

Our Mission Statement

Why a Technology Consultant?

Information Technology exists within a business environment that determines how useful IT will be to the enterprise. No software compensates for a flawed process or incorrect, incomplete data. No technology is any better than the user who activates its capabilities. Unless there is a good alignment of IT to a company’s business goals, IT simply drains resources with little payback. That hurts your bottom line.

How is a CEO to evaluate the IT Director’s wish list of new products? How can the IT Director make a compelling business case for change without a thorough understanding of management priorities and business unit needs? Christopher Technology Consulting specializes in addressing these issues.

IT decisions involve a review of long range objectives, an assessment of the current business processes supported by information technology and an analysis of the return any change is likely to generate. Sometimes the best IT decision is one that does not involve any technology at all.

An external consultant is able to cross departmental boundaries and the agendas of internal stakeholders in order to find the best solution for the question at hand. An outsider brings objectivity as well as awareness of industry trends, successes and failures.


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